Today was interesting.

I woke up, started working and finished a lot of things. My thoughts stayed focused linearly and I didn’t wander and lose track of what was supposed to happen next. I usually do about 6 story points a week and today I did a two pointer before 11:00 and am 60% through 4 more points of work.

I remembered to do several non-work things without outside intervention and I also felt like I had an easier time switching tasks when needed.

Today I tried decaf coffee and I didn’t notice much of a difference. I’m unsure if I’ll go back tomorrow.

My appetite was still suppressed. It’s interesting to think about that. It’s not like food isn’t appealing, but I’m just not good motivated like usual. I’m not eating the last meatball or getting seconds. I’m honestly very full earlier, and I’m unsure if that is because I am listening to my body better or because of something biological.

My one big takeaway

My one big takeaway from today is that Concerta has dropped my mental ‘noise’ to the point where my coping mechanisms can start to work. I was kind of hoping that I wouldn’t have to use those at all after getting on medication. I still need to use TODO lists, and I still need to carefully schedule blocks of work and avoid low-impact/high-dopamine things (like checking slack). The great news is that the combination of those coping mechanisms and the Concerta means that I AM ABLE TO GET THINGS DONE!

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