Waking up to day two on concerta I expected to find a lot more of the same. I wasn’t sure if I was even going to have anything new to write about, but that ended up not being the case. This morning I woke up feeling a bit dehydrated. I drank a lot of water yesterday, but I also put in a hard ride on my bike and definitely sweat a ton. I also woke up feeling really hungry – which is not like me. I usually get up, drink coffee, and then get distracted by the day. Today there was none of that.

I took my pill, then had eggs and cereal with some coffee. I held myself to one cup of coffee again today – and also didn’t feel tired throughout the day as I would have before the medication. Tomorrow I may try decaf so that I can drink more AND feel the effects of the concerta when it isn’t fighting with caffeine for receptors.

Speaking of hunger: I did feel a diminished appetite for lunch and dinner. That makes sense because there wasn’t any medicine in my body when I woke up and it was probably catching up on yesterday’s missed calories. Unfortunately I also felt a little low energy before lunch and before dinner because I think I hadn’t eaten enough. If this keeps up I will probably need to find some good snacks to keep my intake up.

I did a 45 min spin on my peloton and set a new personal record. I half-jokingly mentioned to my wife that it’s because I’m doping, but I do wonder if that has anything to do with it.

Last night I did have a tough time falling asleep. That could have been because I took the pill at almost 10, and perhaps there was still some at work by bedtime. It also could be that I was just jazzed about having had a productive day. Hopefully tonight goes a little smoother.

I didn’t really notice feeling mentally fuzzy until at least 11pm.

Looking at my apple watch heartrate stats it seems like my resting heartrate didn’t change much overnight. I feel like that’s a good thing. I just discovered I can export data from my watch in XML (1.4GB!) , so I’m definitely doing that and poking around. Seeing what the effect on daytime (ie when the drug is effective) resting heartrate will be interesting as well.

How was Day two on Concerta different than day one?

If yesterday was a 10 and the day before with no medication was a 0, then today was probably a 7 or an 8. I felt the same effects, but potentially not as strongly. It was still easier for me to focus and pay attention to one thing, but the allure of distractions felt a little bit stronger today.

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