Getting diagnosed with ADHD on tiktok?!

I can’t believe I’m a grown-ass man talking about tiktok. Yes, I may have learned a few dances on there, and seen some people do dumb things with their trucks, cell phones, and laptops, but the amazing thing about tiktok is that they have a HUGE community of ADHD content creators. There are people talking about common traits, diagnoses, what medications work best for them, what study techniques and tricks help them actually get things done, and so much more.

It’s a treasure trove of interesting things to consider (as long as you can pull yourself away from it and put the phone down once in a while.) I hear of a lot of people talking about how they ‘got diagnosed on tiktok’ and I think that is half truth, but in a useful way. The way that a video pops up and you don’t totally know what it’s about until they have you hooked means you end up considering a lot of possibilities you might not have otherwise. You might find that someone’s story resonates with you, and you might stick around until the end where they say that their story also involves ADHD. A lot of grown adults are finding that the nervousness or general level of noise that goes on in their minds might not be that common amongst their peers, and those same people are getting curious about what they can change in order to make their worlds more efficient.

This might not me a super useful thing if you have been working on managing your ADHD for a while now, but it is free, and it is definitely entertaining! Sometimes it’s just great to see that there are other people out there struggling as well, and other times you may find a neat trick that helps you remember your wallet. Give tiktok a shot, and if not then go check out reddit, or youtube, or whatever venue fits your personality. Having a sense of community and not feeling alone can make this process so much less painful, so go explore one.

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