How to have slack remind you of meetings.

Ok, hear me out.

Have you ever been hyperfocused (on anything – not judging) and missed a meeting? Me too. About a thousand times actually. I really wished there was some way to tell me when a meeting was coming up and keep me from missing them.

Enter the gcal/slack integration! I know it sounds lame, but any tool that enables me to perform better at work with no additional cognitive demands placed on me is a great tool. Set it up in slack, hook it up to your google calendar, and it will not only send you a reminder x minutes before a meeting, but it will also set your slack away message to ‘meeting’ so that other people hopefully don’t distract you!

Slightly related -> If you are like me and juggle work and home google calendars, definitely combine them! I had a therapist once that consistently brought up how ridiculous it was to keep them separate and after combining I totally agree. One tab for everything calendrical. One tab to rule them all.

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